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Your Technology Partner in low-cost countries.

Delivering the best IT services is our forte.

Who Are We?

Your technology partner in digital journey.

Developing high-quality software in low-cost countries is a growing trend in the software engineering industry. This is due to the availability of skilled talent in these countries, as well as the lower costs of development.

We work with companies as their technology partner. We assist companies in hiring the most talented offshore teams to scale up, boost their software development teams and help build their ideas from scratch. Our technical staff is based in Pakistan and we are proud to say that our incredible team can provide both quality and reasonable prices.

Whether your development is open ended or fixed term, we can build the team you need. As well as adhering to your processes and policies, your team can operate in a branded room just like your in-house team. We offer you to interview and select your team and retain total team control while taking advantage of the scalability and reduced administration.

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Managed IT Services

Don't let your technology slow down your business. Explore the best managed IT solutions with NGBS...

Development & design

The development and designing team at NGBS is dedicated to offering leading-edge and dynamic solutions for your business...

Digital Transformation

It’s the right time to transform your business with continuous digital innovation...

Cyber Security

We help you identify threats to your digital infrastructure, lessen the compliance burden and prevent future attacks...

IOT Services

IoT brings power to all the devices it gets connected to. The more your applications, vehicles, home appliances or any object is connected...

Cloud Services

Our solutions address a secure and flexible environment that facilitates infrastructure on-demand that can be managed to make the...

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We are committed to maximizing your business potential

With the innovative and latest technologies, we take pride in delivering the most sophisticated, accurate and secure IT solutions. We have established our reputation in the industry through our commitment to meet customers' expectations. We enthuse our customers with everything we do.

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