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In between advertising and employee management, analytics, and legal process outsourcing, law firms indeed have a lot on their plate. Your attorneys are struggling with an abundance of tasks of their own while your marketing team fights yet another battle for a competitive edge? Bitrix24 makes sure that you have the internal structure you need so that you can make sure justice is served anytime, anywhere.

More About Legal:

  • Improve business process mapping to optimize efficiency.
  • Employ automation to reduce time spent on administration.
  • Collaborate with clients and manage relationships.
  • Offer transparency, bind them to the firm.
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Overwhelmed by the ever-increasing customer expectations? In the new world of big data, smart retailing is all about Customer Relationship Management. Bitrix24 helps create seamless and personalized shopping experiences that lead to better sales, increase brand loyalty, and boost sales conversions. Win customers over by revealing hidden needs and building deeper connections.

More About Retail:

  • Get a 360-degree view onto each interaction.
  • Inspire the team to deliver outstanding customer experience with shared workspace and universal contact center.
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Are you struggling to organize all those tiny details about your clients and their trips, flights, and cruises? Is the workflow so challenging that your agents have started to lose their edge? Are there leaks in your lead pipeline? Bitrix24 has a perfect solution for all your travel management problems. Collect, store, and manage client and vendor data, build long-term relationships, automate tasks, encourage productivity, and streamline your sales process, all from a single platform.

More About Travel:

  • When your clients don’t know where they want to go, our CRM does.
  • Streamline your in-house operations to provide stellar offshore experiences.
  • Make your marketing campaigns as alluring as your destinations.
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Transportation and Storage

Not only do Transportation and Storage SMEs need to help their clients remain competitive, but they also have their own competition to beat. Your clientele expects you to be fast on the road, but it is something you cannot do without fast in-house support. If your IT infrastructure is slowing you down, it is time to find modern solutions and tools that will speed up your performance.

Here is how it helps:

  • Optimize internal organization and management.
  • Centralization and transparency are key to achieving operational efficiency.
  • Automate scheduling, recurring invoices and query response.
  • Use Open Channels to keep your clients and their customers in the loop during transport.
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A single platform to manage orders, run marketing, and handle customer relations.

Sales and marketing automation:

  • Nurture your guests with marketing campaigns that show your appreciation and encourage their future patronage.
  • Promote your restaurant on all major advertising platforms to increase brand awareness and drive new customers.
  • Set up a loyalty program to keep your patrons happy with personalized discounts and offers.
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Remote Work

Encourage social interactions within your team in a natural way tied in with their work. Stimulate employee engagement and drive organizational growth using our communication tools.

Here is how it helps:

  • HD video calls or video conferences with up to 24 participants. No time limit.
  • Activity stream/social intranet with chats, posts, comments, shares, and likes.
  • Create, edit and share files and documents.
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Project Management

Project managers have a lot on their plates, but project management tools can help. Our CRM software tool provides project managers with all the tools to handle these responsibilities and much more. Here are some of the best features our project management tool provides.

Here is how it helps::

  • Create and prioritize tasks - for impeccable organization.
  • Supercharge project delivery with enhanced collaboration features.
  • Delight customers with easy-to-read reports and Gantt charts.
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Human Resources

HR Management System With a human touch.

Here is how it helps:

  • Find, evaluate, and hire the right people using the resume database. Schedule interviews and score candidates easily.
  • Reduce workload and streamline HR management workflow with customizable HR forms and automated business processes.
  • Track working hours via online time clock. Navigate easily thru multiple pay rates. Ensure accurate payments & tax calculations for every pay period.
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